CNN 25 campaign

This was one of the “dream jobs”.

I approached CNN with the idea for this campaign, they liked the creative concept so much that they changed it.

However we eventually went ahead and ended up shooting over fifty spots, both t60’s, t30’s and t15’s that were all cut from the footage.

Everything was shot on Super16 film, ( Aaton Prod’ + A-Minima /148K ft of film shot ), a crew of three, Director/DP, AC and Audio Recordist. All shot natural light or “found” lighting, filming people all over the US, London and Paris.

Amazing client on this campaign, thanks Dan........Unforgettable times

*Kudos too to Addie Moray my favourite producer ever, Dwayne Dell- Recordist and Tom Schnaidt - AC. Our inspired editors John Schipp and Don Horwitz  and the best colourist since Leonardo , Jeff Tillotson / LightPress, Seattle........

So, here are a few of the spots that came out of that campaign, all ganged together.

spots Spots.html
spots 2Spots_2.html
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film Film.html
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France France.html
snaps Snaps.html