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“Parting Ways”

A couple of years back I decided to see if I could write my own script and then shoot the story. Parting Ways was the result of that interesting exercise. Filmed with the generous help of my friends in the film community here and shot on S16 film, ( Aaton Prod + A-Minima ).

Would do this again in a heartbeat.

Starring Philippa Berrington Blew and John Townson

also appearing: Suzanne Sangree, Mary Gauthier, Julia Pearson

DP: Rege Becker, Gaffer: Stewart Stack, Stylist: Terri Trupp, Recordist/s: Dwayne Dell, Jim Gilchrist & Michael Boyle,

AC’s: Mike Krebs & Wayne Arnold.

Colourist: Jeff Tillotson, LightPress, Seattle

Original music: Wall Matthews

Music recording, Audio sweetening, Foley, Looping and Layback: Clean Cuts

Aaton Xtera and A-Minima. Kodak v2 stock

Running time: 30 minutes....This clip, a few minutes.

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