I’ve been making images for longer than should be admitted but experience should still be worth something I think, even these days when everything we use to “simplify” our lives is made so we don’t have to think about how it works or why. 
Plug and play, point and shoot, easy as falling off a log.  
If only they would...

Started photography back in the heady days of the late 1960s in London which was pretty much the centre of the world at that time. Working in magazine fashion and advertising until the mid seventies when it all went pear shaped as we either got discovered as being not very good at taking snaps after all that time, became too bored, or just too famous to really give a toss about what we were doing anymore.
Many straightened up, sobered up, married again and got a haircut, in any order not always a good thing. 
The work just wasn’t the same ten years on, stocks of the brown acid had dried up and disco had arrived.
It was time to leave.

Moved to NYC in the early Eighties, just a few weeks before John Lennon was shot.... I decided not to take that tragedy as a harbinger of things that could be coming down the road. Even though it really really shouldn’t have happened at all. 

Working in photography at first I then moved into live theatre television shows because it was warmer inside during the NYC winters, and then into film and commercial work as a cinematographer where I started to get cold again sitting on the dolly waiting for the director and clients to make their minds up whether to do another take, maybe two, but then usually more.

It took a while for me to get over the fact that a 1000’ 35mm magazine burns more film in twenty minutes than I would shoot in a month in a Leica, but realising that the clients seemed happy enough to pay for it all anyway helped me jump that hurdle .

Since then, moving to Baltimore in the mid’ eighties for the usual life changing forces of lust and money I have worked in this region and others from then until now. Long enough in this game, you can do the math’.

Many commercials later, documentaries, working on features and TV series as a DP/Cinematographer, and forays into work simply to feed my own creative needs, I’m still at it. Fully conversant with film, and working as we mostly do now with the flavour of the week of digital camera too, 
I bring a lot of experience to the work I do.

L:A~CA 2010 © Peter Mullett

So...  if you’re interested

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